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Wizards Tuition

Wizards of the Mind Learning Center Group Class Tuition
2023 - 2024 Tuition
Please email us for questions regarding tuition, schedule and discounts.
To estimate your session and/or annual tuition and discounts click use tuition estimator

Please note that tuition is prorated when joining mid-semester. There are 16 classes in a full Session.
Annual Fee must be paid by 9/9/2023


Payment Options:

  • Cash or Check payable to "Wizards of the Mind" delivered to Wizards of the Mind mailed by 10/31/2022 to 379 Morris Ave, Springfield, NJ 07081

  • Pay electronically via Zelle (Quickpay)  to our

Tuition Discounts:
  • Multiple Class Discounts of 5% applicable for families taking 3-4 classes a week.

  • Multiple Class Discounts of 10% applicable for families taking 5+ classes a week.

  • Discounts do not apply to private lessons.

  • SPECIAL CHESS OFFER: 50% Discount applied to a 2nd chess class for any students already enrolled in a chess class. 

Class Make-Up Policy:
  • Wizards of the Mind does not guarantee make-up classes or refunds for missed lessons.  Make-up classes may be arranged, but is not guaranteed.

  • For Chess classes, please email to arrange make-up classes and he will be happy to accommodate.  Make-up class will be to attend a class of 1 higher (preferable) or 1 lower group level.​​ The de-facto Make-up Class is the Wednesday Online Class at 5pm, please join this class if you missed class on Saturday.

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