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2023 New Jersey Grade School Championship
Tournament Highlights, Nov 19th 2023

Congratulations to all of our students and chess club players!

Thank you to all parents for your unwavering support!

Wizards of the Mind Chess Club had a great turnout with over 25 players participating in the NJ State Tournament. We thank Coach Robert for his help and guidance during the event. 20 Game Reviews were done and our chess club rallied and supported each other through the wins and losse
s of the 5 round marathon day of chess. Thanks to parents again for your patience throughout the long day!

Top Achievements (In order of Top Scoring):

Markian Zabiyahlo - 1st Place, Champion 11th Grade (4.5/5 points)

Shaurya Mehta - 1st Place, Champion 1st Grade (4/5 points)

Arin Telang - 3rd Place (Tied), 5th Grade (4/5 points)

Hayden Chiang - 2nd Place (Tied), 7th Grade (3.5/5 points)

Jacob Yoeli - 2nd Place (Tied), 1st Grade (3.5/5 points)

Aadvik Iyer - 3rd Place - Kindergarten (3.5/5 points)

Max Liu - 3rd Place (Tied), 2nd Grade (3
/5 points)

Caleb Rubinstein - 4th Place (Tied), 8th Grade (3/5 points)

Aditya Panchagnula - 5th Place (Tied), 5th Grade (3/5 points)

Brendan Mihiel - 5th Place (Tied), 10th Grade (2.5/5 poin

Nishad Marathe - 5th Place (Tied), 6th Grade (2.5/5 points)

Josh Burns - 5th Place (Tied), 4th Grade (2.5/5 points)

Alia Derbaremdiker - 5th Place (Tied), Kinder (2.5/5 points)

Honorable Mentions with 2 points scored:
  • Aayush Saxena, 10th grade
  • Harry Liu, 5th grade
  • Anvesha Gopal, 5th grade
  • Dannika Thakar, 5th grade
  • Murat Khudayar, 5th grade
  • Leyla Derbamdiker, 3rd grade
  • Abigail Wallach, 1st grade
  • Arjun Saini, 1st grade

Link to the Tournament Standings and Results:

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