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Art Lessons

We concentrate on creating a fulfilling educational art experience for our students.

The lessons designed to introduce the students to the main materials and techniques used in the process of creating art. The materials include watercolor, acrylic, clay sculpture, collage, pencil drawing, and mixed media. These materials are used to create portraits, landscapes, still lives, imaginative compositions, illustrations, figurative compositions as well as abstract artwork.

Our Art Lessons are held on Saturdays. Check our schedule for an exact time.
Please email to schedule a trial class
Art Lessons

What is taught


Students are taught color theory, importance of proportion in aesthetics, perspective, foreshortening, and techniques, concepts, and styles are associated with specific artists's work through which students are familiarized with art history as well. Every project starts by taking into consideration each individual student interests and inspirations. It is created according to student's particular interests and later the specific techniques and concepts are incorporated and applied. This encourages our students to comprehend the knowledge easier. To make our lessons more complete and educational we incorporate art history, aesthetics as well as art critiques in our lessons. After every completed work students are asked to assess their own work progress and participate in a group critique where they offer constrictive criticism using art specific vocabulary to help their classmates to improve their work. We take pride in offering our individual attention to nurture each child's unique vision and tailor our lessons to meet every student's needs. We believe that every child has a precious story to tell and we feel honored to offer art as a tool for self-expression and intellectual growth.

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