Chess Lessons and Chess Club

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Chess Levels and Curriculum
  • L1. Beginners

Students learn from the very beginning. This class teaches students how all the chess pieces move, castling, checks, checkmates, the value of pieces, and chess notation.​

  • L2. Novice

Students learn the basic principles of chess, basic checkmates, stalemates, mating with a few pieces, introduction to openings, attacking and defending pieces.  ​

  • L3. Novice Plus

Students emphasizes the basic principles of chess, learn basic checkmate patterns, basic openings, introduction to chess tactics, solving mate in 1 puzzles.

  • L4. Challenger

This level continues to expand on basic principles, emphasizes the study of various chess tactics. We expand the students knowledge of the King's pawn (e4) openings and attacking chess.

  • L5. Intermediate

Students learn the 3 phases of the game: opening, middlegame, and endgame. Emphasizes the study of middlegame strategies, and covers basic endgame theory.​ Students expand their knowledge of popular King's pawn (e4) openings and continue working through tactical exercises. 

  • L6. Tournament Prep

This level is for students that consistently play in USCF rated tournaments. We further extend the knowledge of the openings, learning Queen's pawn (d4) openings, expand on middlegame strategies and endgame theory. Our coaches perform student's game analysis.

  • L7. Advanced

This level is for students with higher USCF ratings. We further dive into opening theory, developing each students' opening repertoire. Emphasis on middlegame strategies, and deeper dive into endgame theory. Our coaches perform student's game analysis.

Wizards of the Mind
Chess Club
is an affiliate of the US Chess Federation 

Wizards of the Mind Chess Club was founded in 2001. Over the years, we have had thousands of children come through our chess school. Many of our children became highly rated USCF players and participated in various domestic and international competitions including Nationals, World Championships and Pan-Am Olympiads. Every year students from our chess club participate in the New Jersey State Championships achieving excellent results.  

Our Chess Classes are held on Saturdays. Please check our schedule for an exact time. 

Ayan Dalmia - 1st place in Central Jersey Chess Tournament. Feb 17th, 2018

Our recent achievements


February 17th, 2018 - Ayan Dalmia won 1st place at Central Jersey Chess Tournament in Princeton winning 4 out of 4 games in U600 section

December  2016

Gregory Gentile won 1st Place Trophy at PS6 Chess Tournament in NYC

Aanav Shah got 1st Place at the tournament in Princeton, NJ  

Congrats to Wizards Students!

2016, Nov 20th - NJ State Chess K-12 Grade Championship in Lincroft, NJ.


WizKids Academy got

1st Place Team Championship trophy.

In individual placement Ryan and Florina Zhu, Denis and Lev Koganov, Ben, Davin and 
Ethan Murkis, Aanav Shah all got top trophies. We are proud of our players  - Great 
performance in this tough tournament. 

Wizards of the Mind Tournaments

Our club runs very popular USCF rated chess tournaments that attract kids from all parts of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Please see the Wizards of the Mind tournament history on the US Chess Federation website. Please see our tournament page.