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2023 New Jersey Grade School Championship
Sunday, November 19, 2023

Wizards of the Mind Chess Club students are strongly encouraged to play in a yearly NJ Grade School Championship! Students of all ages and levels are welcome to participate in this NJ State chess tournament and compete for the state title of their respective grade.





While this chess tournament is unaffiliated with Wizards of the Mind Chess Club, our chess club students fill the room every year. We have the top attendance as a chess club at this tournament! Please be sure to wear your free Wizards of the Mind T-Shirt at this event so we can continue to show our strong presence and support for one another!!

Our chess club highly recommends this tournament because it is a scholastic (children only) tournament that allows players to only play against opponents that are in the same grade-level as them. It is also a big event for our chess club and a lot of fun for all participants. Coaches will be on-site outside of the playing hall to provide game reviews with students and 

This tournament is on Sunday, Nov 19th, 2023 at Brookdale Community College
The format is 5 Rounds Swiss, all players will play 5 games win or lose
Time Control: 30min w/ 5 sec delay
Equipment to bring: Please bring your own chess clock 

Link to purchase clock - Click here!

Registration:  Online at

Entry Fee: $45 Online by 10/21, $50 by 11/11, $55 afterward, $70 on-site
Prizes: Trophies to Top 10 Players in each section/grade.

This is a USCF Rated Tournament. A USCF membership will be required. For more info and details please see below:

Please use the following link for details on how to become a member:

If you are already a USCF member, please use this link to look up your info for registration:

Where: Brookdale Community College - Student Life Center

Address: Lot #7, Arena Drive, Lincroft, NJ 07738

Please Enter Google Sheet if you plan to attend:

Schedule: Round 1 starts at 10:00am and goes for 5 Rounds. Please be warned this is a full-day event with award ceremony starting at 7:00pm or 8:00pm in years past. For children under 13 years old, it is advised for parents to stay on-site for supervision.

Please bring snacks/water & lunch at your own discretion. Coach Robert & Coach will be in attendance for Game Reviews and Coaching offered between the rounds of matches. At lunchtime, Wizards will provide all our club members pizza and drinks for lunch. Club T-Shirts will also be distributed.

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