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Wizards of the Mind Chess Club

Online Chess Lessons

During COVID, Wizards of the Mind Chess Club has moved all group chess classes to a virtual environment. We use the video-call service Zoom paired with our Online Chess Portal.

Our group classes are exclusively for kids of all ages and have a

"Learn & Play" format. The first half of our chess class teaches our students new concepts, strategies, and tactics through an interactive lecture done by our Chess Coach. Our Chess Coach covers all phases of the game: opening, middlegame, and endgames by showing instructive games and analyzing students' games. Our lessons are highly interactive and brings every student into our class discussions, cultivating our students' ability to reason and to think critically.


The second half of our class moves into the "Play" format where students play in fun and competitive games against each other in our Online Chess Portal. Our Chess Coach organizes an in-class chess tournament using the "Swiss" format where we track our student's progress throughout the semester. Students are coached to use concepts learned from the first half's lecture to improve their play. Our Chess Coach assists our students and coaches younger students in-game as they happen live on our Online Chess Portal. 

We currently offer a free chess evaluation to determine proper class placement and a demo trial of our Online Chess Portal.


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Wizards of the Mind
Chess Club
is an affiliate of the US Chess Federation 

Wizards of the Mind Chess Club was founded in 2001. Over the years, we have had thousands of children come through our chess school. Many of our children became highly rated USCF players and participated in various domestic and international competitions including Nationals, World Championships and Pan-Am Olympiads. Every year students from our chess club participate in the New Jersey State Championships achieving excellent results.  

Our Chess Classes are held on Saturdays. Please check our schedule for an exact time. 

Ayan Dalmia - 1st place in Central Jersey Chess Tournament. Feb 17th, 2018

Leo 1st place picture.jpg
Wizards of the Mind Tournaments

Our club runs very popular USCF rated chess tournaments that attract kids from all parts of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Please see the Wizards of the Mind tournament history on the US Chess Federation website. Please see our tournament page.